If you are reading this then you are on the internet. While browsing the internet it is extremely important to know that your machine has a unique address known as the IP address which is its identity in the world wide web. This IP address helps the internet service providers locate a user accessing internet from any corner of the world. This address is actually a long number written in a dotted decimal format. This makes it easier for it to be read and memorised should there be a need. Apart from that, you can readily find out more details about IP address and get all your questions answered at ipaddressdefinition.com.

The website has all the information that you could look for related to IP addresses. Quite a few people who had no knowledge about even the existence of IP address got to know a lot more about it at this website so it doesn’t matter how much information you have related to it at this point of time as you can always learn a lot more at this website. An example of an IP address is Notice how the ten digit number is separated into 4 parts by 3 dots. This makes it easier to read the number and even memorise it.

The digits in these numbers aren’t just random in nature. They necessarily lie between 0 and 255. Moreover, a lot more can be inferred out of the very numbers in these digits. All IP addresses are of 5 major classes. These 5 classes are separate and different from the special addresses like Loopback, Default and Broadcast IP addresses. The 5 major types of IP address classes are: A class (used for large networks.

IP addresses ranging from 1 to 126 fall in this category, B class ( used for medium size internet networks and the range 128-191 in its first octet fall under this category), C class (this class is used for small sized to medium sized networks. The range of IP addresses falling under this category lie between192 -223 in the first octet of the IP address), D class (mainly used for multicasts and a 1 as the first to third bit value and the fourth bit value being 0), E class (this class is mainly utilised for experimental reason and is quite a lot like the D class).


One can readily know their IP address and find out which class it belongs to. It is important to note here that the IP address is usually present on a sticker stuck to the router box. One can also use the user manual that comes with this router to learn about their exact IP address. It is strongly recommended that all internet users note down and safely keep their IP Address with them just like the username and password. You can never know when this will come in quite handy. It is better to have it with you already than begin to look for it in such times. One can also use the command prompt to find out their corresponding IP addresses.

You would be surprised to know the sheer number of applications knowing your IP address can have. Using your IP address, your internet activity can be tracked on a regular basis. This information can be minutely analysed to learn the kind of preferences you have got when it comes to making an online search. Such data of millions of internet users when provided to a website can hugely benefit them in attaining greater web traffic towards their website and thus benefit them in multiple ways. This comes in quite handy in cases when the website is being used to generate revenue in terms of online sales or simply by having greater number of website visitors.


Quite a few websites are already examining the IP addresses of its visitors and are taking the required measures. Your online activity too may be constantly tracked. Moreover, having an IP address can greatly help curb down cyber crime and restrict it to the minimum possible. There’s a lot more to IP addresses than you can imagine today. So, it is strongly recommended that you learn all there is to know about these IP addresses and you can do this at ipaddressdefinition.com.